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5 important facts about Lakanto Liquid Drops

You've made a commitment to achieving great health and addressing any underlying health issues that may be holding you back, and Lakanto Liquid Drops are one powerful tool that can get you there.

You may have used granulated Lakanto for baking and sweetening before. Like granulated Lakanto, Lakanto Liquid Drops offer the same natural sweetness that many users swear tastes better than refined sugar -- with added convenience.

What can you gain from carrying Lakanto Liquid Drops with you wherever you go?

There are five important facts to remember about this natural liquid sweetener:

1. Lakanto Liquid Drops are calorie-free.

Refined white sugar and corn syrup can poison the body, and they're high in calories to boot. Even the so-called natural sweeteners like honey and agave contain calories and will also feed Candida yeast, known to cause sugar cravings. Without the intervention of a zero-calorie, zero-glycemic natural sugar substitute like Lakanto, it may feel impossible to break the cycle of sugar addiction and maintain a healthy weight. But for the many people who have made the switch from refined sugar to Lakanto Liquid, weight loss is often an immediate -- and even unexpected -- side effect.

2. Lakanto Liquid Drops support diabetic health.

Diabetes is a serious health condition that can be hard to manage, but no matter where you may be in your recovery, Lakanto Liquid Drops offer relief. Amazingly, Lakanto Liquid does not cause spikes in blood sugar. The sweetness of the Monk Fruit extract in Lakanto comes from natural mogrosides subjected to the fermentation process. These mogrosides are considered 300 times sweeter than sugar. And yet, research indicates that Lakanto's Monk Fruit extract does not raise blood sugar or insulin.2

3. Lakanto Liquid Drops are safe.

With all the controversy and debate surrounding refined sugar, sugar alternatives, and chemical sugar substitutes, we don't blame you for doing your homework. In fact, we encourage it. The best way to take back control of your health is to research the ingredients in the supplements you take and feel confident in what you are putting in your body. For the past 10 years, Lakanto has been safely enjoyed in Japan. As a natural sweetener, Lakanto was approved for use by The Japanese Ministry of Health and even recommended to support weight loss and the management of obesity and diabetes. More than 9,000 hospitals in Japan serve their patients Lakanto. To date, no adverse effects have been reported. 3

4. Lakanto Liquid Drops are ultra-convenient.

Throw them in your purse or backpack, but whatever you do, don't forget your Lakanto Liquid when you leave the house. The convenience factor for our Lakanto Liquid Drops is off-the-charts. Lakanto Liquid Drops meet airline regulations for travel and can be used to sweeten tea, coffee, smoothies, mineral water, desserts, and fruit on-the-go. You can trust your own palate and sweeten to taste or use our recommendation: Substitute 3 to 4 drops of Lakanto Liquid for 1 teaspoon of sugar to replace the refined stuff in your favorite beverages, recipes, and treats.

When you're looking for your sugar fix in all the wrong places

Anyone whose inner ecology is out of balance will be driven by cravings for sugar, bread, dairy, and fruit. This may be caused by the overgrowth of Candida, a pathogenic yeast with an insatiable appetite for sugar. Sugar cravings can be made worse by an underlying nutritional deficiency, which can often stem from a modern, processed diet. When the inner ecosystem is damaged in this way, we're starving on the inside. The gut isn't equipped to break down food or absorb nutrients. We start to crave nutritious, healing foods but may end up filling up on what is available and easy -- processed foods that are rich in sugar.

You may recognize this pattern in yourself.

Most people have experienced the sugar craving cycle before.

Sugar is very, very addictive.

We want more of it.

An underlying nutritional deficiency will only make the cycle harder to break.

When we have no energy in our body, it's only natural. We still have to keep going and doing, so we automatically reach for something that is going to give us energy. We know sugar will provide a temporary boost, so we reach for sugar. It gives us a short-term burst of energy, but we know that it's not going to last. The next thing we know, we're reaching for that sugar again to get more energy, and the addiction continues. When we eat sugar and many other addictive foods, a little region of our brain called the nucleus secretes dopamine. For a short time, we feel high, happy, and excited about life. 4

Until the next day, when we're flat again.

Then our brain remembers that little piece of chocolate candy that is going to make us feel up and excited about life.

We remember it, and we start craving.

A true sugar substitute, with all the proven benefits we described above, can intercept this addictive cycle and help the brain reset. Couple Lakanto Liquid Drops with a fermented foods diet, and uncontrollable sugar cravings may soon become a distant memory.

When the body is out of balance, it lacks energy and craves sugar. Not only does a Monk Fruit sweetener like Lakanto Liquid help to satisfy cravings for refined sugar, but it can fight low energy levels, as scientists discovered in 2013. 5 Mice given the Monk Fruit extract were able to exercise for longer with less fatigue, all without the high of refined sugar.


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