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We know that sugar is bad for us. It puts us at higher risk for diabetes, causes weight gain, can cause fatigue or “brain fog,” and feeds candida. Sugar is also empty calories, putting a physiological strain on our bodies with no nutritional benefit.

However, despite all the research and rhetoric on the negative impact of sugar, our dependence and emotional connection to its sweet taste make it difficult to give up long-term.

At Body Ecology, Donna Gates has long researched natural sugar substitutes sweeteners that could satisfy our body’s cravings for sugar without the health risks commonly associated with by sugar.

It’s important to have some go-to replacements on hand when a craving strikes and of course, equally important to remember that sour-tasting cultured veggies help stop sugar cravings and in the event you do have one, eat some delicious cultured veggies or sip on one of our probiotic drinks afterwards to help minimize some of the damaging effects of sugar.

Body Ecology is a sugar-free diet, so we encourage you to be mindful of where sugar hides and to get in the habit of reading labels. Marketing, labeling, and hidden sources of sugar can make a sugar-free diet seem almost impossible. But all health-conscious consumers should be aware!

According to a United States judge in New York, even “reasonable consumers may not read the nutritional label” before buying a new product. (1)

As a lawsuit against Coca-Cola’s Vitaminwater proves, if you don’t read the labels—or if you don’t know how to decipher them—you run the risk of jeopardizing your health goals.

This is especially true when it comes to sugar.

For example, depending on the manufacturer, you will find that some forms of sugar are more processed and more refined than others. Then there is GMO sugar, which comes from genetically modified plants—usually beets.

Depending on where you are at in your journey towards better health, you might consume small amounts of organic, unrefined sugar. Or—if you are cleansing toxins and fighting Candida overgrowth—you may do your best to avoid sugar entirely.

We suggest that you steer clear of any added sweeteners—whether they are organic or GMO, refined or raw and choose Body Ecology’s BE Sweet, a healthy sugar substitute instead!


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