Save on Body Ecology Bundles!

Whether you’re looking for a starter kit or for a discount on some of our bestselling products, this section of our online store can help. Here you’ll find some of our most popular products like CocoBiotic, Vitality SuperGreen, Probiotic Protein Shake, and Culture Starters bundled together so you can take advantage of some great savings!

Body Ecology Bundle Descriptions

Gut Balance

Gut Balance is ideal for maintaining the healthy lifestyle you’ve created. It includes the EcoPhage supplement, which offers bacteriophages that support a healthy intestinal tract, clean your gut, wipe out pathogens, stimulate your colon, support a healthy urinary tract, and promote a healthy immune system.

This money-saving bundle also includes our popular Probiotic Protein Shake, which attends to the health of your gut with its powerful blend of probiotics, and offers a delicious, easy-to-digest meal replacement.

Body Ecology Bestsellers

This bundle is perfect for people ready to begin pursuing more conscientious health, but are unsure of where to start. It’s also a great option for people who regularly use Body Ecology’s Vitality Super Green, Probiotic Protein Shake, and CocoBiotic, and are looking for a cost-effective way to maximize their benefits.

This “bestsellers” package includes our Vitality Super Green, Probiotic Protein Shake, and CocoBiotic.

Vitality Super Green is our nutrition-packed “green drink” with antioxidants, proteins, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and more, all fermented to increase bioavailability. Super Green is a must for mornings to start your day off with energy, vibrancy, and health.

Our probiotic protein shake is one of our most popular products, as one of the only fermented protein shakes on the market. With the highest quality ingredients available, all picked specifically for their nutritional benefits, and fermented to increase bioavailability, the result is a healthy (and delicious) meal replacement that not only helps to support your immune system and reduce inflammation but can also help you shed excess weight and build muscle.

For even more savings, sign up for regular delivery and receive an additional subscription discount.

Many people who learn about the Body Ecology diet are eager to start implementing fermented foods into their diet, but aren’t yet ready to create fermented foods at home.

Our CocoBiotic is a perfect way to try out fermented foods in your diet or to maintain your probiotic intake effort-free.

Cultured Veggie Kit

Making cultured vegetables at home is a lot simpler than most people believe! The Body Ecology cultured veggie kit not only provides the starter and EcoBloom you’ll need to get your veggies going, but it also includes the Ancient Earth Mineral Liquid that Body Ecology founder, Donna Gates, uses in her own cultured vegetable recipe.

Ready to start making your own cultured veggies? Look for recipes and how-to videos here.

BE Transformed

The BE Transformed starter kit is the best, most-recommended starter kit for those new to the Body Ecology diet. This package comes with the most essential Body Ecology products, all while saving over $80 off the final cost.

Digestive Care Multi

Digestive Care Multi provides some of the most essential supplements Body Ecology has to offer to help you start your health journey right.

Vitality SuperGreen

Is the perfect way to start your morning and to help alkalize your body, repair gut tissue, and feed your inner ecosystem.

Maintain your ecosystem and give yourself an energy boost with our popular InnergyBiotic probiotic drink.

One of our most popular products, the Body Ecology Probiotic Protein Shake offers essential nutrients in an easy-to-digest, delicious shake.

Cultured vegetables are easy to make at home! Use our veggie culture starter to make your own and eat them with every meal.

An important sugar substitute, stevia helps to provide the sweetness we crave, but in a healthier form.


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